Pet Food Industry

  • This massive industry is seeking alternative sources of protein as the world supply of traditional protein for pet food is becoming less available and more expensive.
  • The BSF is a completely healthy protein source for our pets, in fact, it is proven to be easier on pet’s stomachs then traditional left -over meat, and is antibiotic and pesticide free.
  • Pet food industry over $140 Billion in 2022, with an 11.1% CAGR* (www.researchandmarkets.com)
    BSF is an approved protein source for human and pet consumption (FDA, Health Canada, Europe).

Animal Feed – Poultry, Beef & Fish Farms

  •  Animals were meant to eat bugs, insect, and flies, not GMO produced corn & soy. The world has become very aware that “we are what we eat…what they eat”. The move towards organic food, in particular organic meats has become front and centre worldwide.
  • The BSF larvae is a perfect, organic, pesticide & GMO free food source that is naturally made for poultry, cows, and fish farms.

FRASS (BSFL Waste Product)


  • The oil is mechanically press out of dry larvae which produces a high-fat oil rich in lauric acid, similar to that found in coconut and palm kernel oil. This oil is highly valuable for variety of livestock, aquaculture and pet manufactured feed products.

Goldbloom is the first BSF facility in Ontario, Canada and will be the only public company in this rapidly growing market.

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