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Goldbloom facilities are located near the Guelph region in Ontario, Canada. Close to the University of Guelph, a world leader in insect science, our facility is capable of producing both live larvae and freeze dried larvae for a variety of markets. Corporate offices are located in the Yorkville region of Toronto, Canada to facilitate a critical bridge between our production facility and the financial community.

Our Team

Goldbloom has a world class management team with backgrounds in Capital Markets, the Pet Food Industry, Marketing and Entomology.

James Delany


With over 30 years experience in the Pet Food and Protein Industries, James has listened to R&D and Procurement Professionals in these markets voice concerns with the sustainability of our Food Supply Chain. This led to his interests in alt-meat, and new protein supply ideas, like the Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Ayesha Jabeen


Born and raised in Pakistan, Ayesha developed a love for entomology during her bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, major in entomology. Her move to Canada in 2017 paved the way for her to pursue her master’s degree in environmental science (Entomology) at the University of Guelph. Her extensive knowledge of insects, including insect rearing and identifying different orders, along with her passion for making a meaningful impact in entomology, make her a valuable team player.

Andrew Sandor

Sales & Marketing

Andrew Sandor is a qualified professional with extensive experience in business development, sales, and marketing.  His experience includes serving as the President of Kaptspace Group, a Canadian-based agency dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and local companies in achieving their goals. At Kaptspace, Andrew oversaw aspects of the agency’s operations, including product, personnel, and brand development.

Hagan Carlile

Creative Director

Hagan Carlile has acquired a unique skill set in producing innovative content for emerging digital technologies in the entertainment, corporate and advertising industries. Hagan is a hands-on Media Producer with sophisticated technical knowledge. His experience includes all facets of Digital Media, Stereo 3D, CGI, Mixed Reality, Holographic and Immersive workflows from production to post-production, visual effects and digital projection.

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