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“The BSF is a revolutionary insect species perfectly designed by nature as the ultimate recycler.”


Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae are a sustainable protein source for animal feed, aquaculture, and even human consumption.

High feed conversion

BSF larvae convert organic waste into high-protein biomass with a high feed conversion rate, low environmental impact, and without the need for arable land.


They are also free from antibiotics and other harmful chemicals, making them a safer and healthier protein source for animals and humans.

Low carbon footprint

BSF larvae are fed with a variety of organic waste materials, including fruit and vegetable scraps, brewery and distillery waste, and animal manure. The larvae are then harvested, dried, and processed into protein-rich animal feed.

One advantage of BSF larvae as a protein source is their ability to reduce the volume of organic waste while producing a protein-rich biomass. This not only provides a sustainable protein source but also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the need for landfills.



“BSFL are approved by FDA, Health Canada & Europe as a healthy protein source for animals & humans.”

(Oonincx & de Boer, 2012).

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